Thursday, 23 June 2011

End of Petition Campaign Letter by "Soutenons Developpement et paix" blog members

"Having achieved our goal of expressing our opinion in large numbers to the Management and the National Council for Development and Peace, we decided to stop the petition. We will follow the events. Thank you for your support and good summer. You will find below (in French) and English, the signatures of the petition we have sent to Michael Casey.

Montreal, June 21, 2011

Mr. Michael Casey

Executive Director

Development and Peace


Mr. Casey,

We are sending on the petition mounted in defence of Development and Peace’s basic orientations, its democratic functioning, and its proven system of relationships with partners in the South. In a very short period of time, almost 1,200 people added their names, a fact that suggests how fervently members and supporters believe in the need to preserve Development and Peace’s identity.

We remain astounded by your undemocratic introduction of a major shift in Development and Peace’s way of operating, and particularly the unjust dropping of a long time reliable partner, Mexico’s Centre PRODH, on the sole basis of allegations that themselves had been refuted by the CCCB’s 2009 inquiry mission. The March 24 letter from Luis Arriaga to the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Ottawa and the recent letter from the Canadian and Mexican Superiors of the Society of Jesus speak to the questionable nature of Development and Peace’s procedure in this case.

We do not consider the matter closed by the National Council’s recent declaration that reaffirms Development and Peace’s autonomy in relation to the CCCB. Concrete action still needs to be taken and an injustice perpetrated against the Centre PRODH remains to be rectified. We will continue to follow this question vigilantly and to keep Development and Peace as an organization and the general public informed of events as they occur.

Sincerely yours,

Normand Breault, Lucille Plourde, Gérard Laverdue, Constance Vaudrin.

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