Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Letter to Michael Casey

Mr Michael Casey, Development and Peace 

Mr. Casey,

I got your circulation letter inviting us to "bring light to others for Christmas. Your proposal is one Development and Peace has maintained for decades: "Express our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the South." Unfortunately, this looks like misrepresentation, because Development and Peace is no longer an organization partnering with women and men seeking to take control of their destiny.

You invite us to celebrate Christmas with courage, but it seems to me that the administrators of the organization have shown little courage in defending our organization before the pressures of a few thunderous conservative bishops. You have given up the bulk of the solidarity and Development and Peace is becoming, little by little, a charitable organization for those who think "Catholic". This is unacceptable and I am deeply distressed. I deplore the lack of transparency and courage that you have had in this conflict where you would have done well to be supporting your activist base rather than trying to save the furniture behind closed doors.

This is why I ask that you remove my name from your lists and do not solicit me again for donations or other collaborations. There are fortunately other places to "advance rights with conviction. In a historic moment where the Catholic Church is collapsing everywhere because of blind leadership, and bound by its Directors, Development and Peace is being carried away by the current fundamentalist that I cannot support.

Dismayed and disappointed,

Claude Lacaille, p.m.é. Trois-Rivières, Wed 14 November 2012 

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